creative Development


WETV Content Development team is ready to translate your  ideas into a movie screenplay, bringing your characters to life  where  we guarantee the voices in your head will be converted into real characters jumping out of the text talking to you in bold.

Screenplay writing from scratch, Script Doctoring, Treatment and logline writing

TV Content development

You have a TV show concept/idea! You are in the right place to take it to a new level. or you need a corporate video or a TV commercial for your product or company?

We specialise in development of Talk shows, current affair shows, game shows, commercial and corporate videos and many other formats & genres. 

Game Shows, Current affair shows, Commercials and corporate videos development services

Corporate & Commercials

Corporate Video

We offers our clients the best of their imagination, desire and brand needs. Helping them packaging their product and brand using a cutting-edge gears and technologies to transform it into a presentable visual document which guarantees a reliable ambassador for your brand and marketing objectives.

Corporate Video, Event and special documentation

Commercial (TVC) & Social Media Videos

Commercial video production and traditional advertising continue to be in high demand regardless of the digital era. Understanding that in thirty seconds creating a great television commercial that an audience recalls later is essential to your bottom line

TV Commercial, Product Showcase, Explanatory Video, Social Media Video 

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Live Events


Live Event production

When it comes to live concerts and corporate events production, we are in the best position to produce a mind blowing video out of it simply because we have the right talents and the right geras to capture the moment and broadcast it to wherever you want.


Studio Services

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We are running the latest cutting-edge virtual studios where we produce a variety of talk shows for our partner stations. Also we launched in 2017 our "Studio One" for live game shows with state of the art unmanned cameras and gears.

post production


Film &Video Editing

WE are of high-quality and very cost-effective which meet our client's wide range of movie editing requirements. 

Our state of the art of latest technologies in editing suits and highly skilled editors will definitely add unexpected value to your production.

Editing, Sound editing, Sound effects & Audio, Narration and commentary, Video Conversion


graphics & animation


Music Video

Music Videos

You have your music track ready and you want to take it to the screen?

You are in the right place!